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Friday, June 09, 2006

My edited e-mail to Glenn Reynolds "Instapundit"

I will add links to main points in the e-mail soon. Please read down my blog and all the main point are addressed.

The article you asked us to read "Digging into the Ethanol Debate" Clark Bialik in the Wall Street Journal. May I ask what you got out of this article because honestly the article says nothing. Most Americans care less how the fuel gets made or how much energy it takes to make... Americans care about two things when it comes to fuel: How much it costs and where can I get it. This is the crux of the problem with alternative fuels. Here in California I can go to Chevy and buy a new E85 Tahoe. I can't put E85 in my new flex fuel car; because, of the three E85 stations in California none are open to the public. That none means zero fuel available. I can go down the street from my house and find a gas station with Propane ready to pump in my car, but wait I can't go and buy a new Tahoe that runs Propane. Propane is cheap under two dollars a gallon A .43 cent a gallon excise tax refund going into effect in October will make it even less expensive. 95% as efficient as gasoline much better than Ethanol.

We have clean cheap fuel that will reduce green house gases better then Ethanol and no car companies making cars to run the fuel. On the other side we have car co. Government, and the media shoving E85 down our throats and there is no E85 fuel in California.

What oil company is going to take out it's Petroleum based fuels to replace it with a corn based fuel? NONE! The oil companies are only going to go as far as they have to go ,10% ethanol 90% gasoline. How many Starbucks coffee houses sitting on corners (where gas stations used to be) are farmers going to pull down to put in an Ethanol only fuel station, only to feed a few cars (not advisable to convert gas car to Ethanol) at $250,000+ a station. In California and the rest of the US we can put 5 to 6 Propane stations in an area the size of three parking places for the same amount.(You can easily convert cars to run both gas and propane.) Besides, there is already Propane at most gas stations.We have made petroleum the bad guy instead of providing the best Alternative fuel for different locations. Cars can be gasoline and propane flex fuel vehicles. The cars can be propane only and get across the united states with no problem.
You interviewed the editor from PM and I listened to it about 3 or 4 weeks ago after I read the horrible article on bio fuels by Mike Allen. Please look at the article again and think about this. The only fuel you could use to go from NY to LA is gasoline and the one fuel not mentioned Propane.You can't go across the us on ethanol or any other of the mentioned fuels at least not as easy as gas or propane. I e-mailed Mike Allen the author and he sent me an e-mail back saying the DOE is not focused on Propane and there is really only enough for BBQ. He did very little research. If there is only enough Propane for BBQ why do we export 10 million barrels to Mexico and 5 million barrels to Canada a year. That is only two of the many countries whom we export Propane. He says there is not enough Propane.
Go to my blog and get some information about my thoughts and some research on Propane for motor-fuel
Thank You,
Scott Hunter Crawford


At June 12, 2006 1:32 PM, Anonymous XZaapryca said...

Propane is a good fuel for what it does. We could not ramp it up as a serious contender to gasoline or ethanol. Propane is a waste/by-product of natural gas and petroleum production. Accordingly, we would have to have a need and capacity for more natural gas and petroleum based products to get more propane. Several hundred million gallons of propane is nothing in comparison to the 143 BILLION gallons of gasoline used in the US each year. Factoring all the information about propane, it will never be more than a very minor player in fueling the country.


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