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Friday, June 09, 2006

My edited e-mail to Glenn Reynolds "Instapundit"

I will add links to main points in the e-mail soon. Please read down my blog and all the main point are addressed.

The article you asked us to read "Digging into the Ethanol Debate" Clark Bialik in the Wall Street Journal. May I ask what you got out of this article because honestly the article says nothing. Most Americans care less how the fuel gets made or how much energy it takes to make... Americans care about two things when it comes to fuel: How much it costs and where can I get it. This is the crux of the problem with alternative fuels. Here in California I can go to Chevy and buy a new E85 Tahoe. I can't put E85 in my new flex fuel car; because, of the three E85 stations in California none are open to the public. That none means zero fuel available. I can go down the street from my house and find a gas station with Propane ready to pump in my car, but wait I can't go and buy a new Tahoe that runs Propane. Propane is cheap under two dollars a gallon A .43 cent a gallon excise tax refund going into effect in October will make it even less expensive. 95% as efficient as gasoline much better than Ethanol.

We have clean cheap fuel that will reduce green house gases better then Ethanol and no car companies making cars to run the fuel. On the other side we have car co. Government, and the media shoving E85 down our throats and there is no E85 fuel in California.

What oil company is going to take out it's Petroleum based fuels to replace it with a corn based fuel? NONE! The oil companies are only going to go as far as they have to go ,10% ethanol 90% gasoline. How many Starbucks coffee houses sitting on corners (where gas stations used to be) are farmers going to pull down to put in an Ethanol only fuel station, only to feed a few cars (not advisable to convert gas car to Ethanol) at $250,000+ a station. In California and the rest of the US we can put 5 to 6 Propane stations in an area the size of three parking places for the same amount.(You can easily convert cars to run both gas and propane.) Besides, there is already Propane at most gas stations.We have made petroleum the bad guy instead of providing the best Alternative fuel for different locations. Cars can be gasoline and propane flex fuel vehicles. The cars can be propane only and get across the united states with no problem.
You interviewed the editor from PM and I listened to it about 3 or 4 weeks ago after I read the horrible article on bio fuels by Mike Allen. Please look at the article again and think about this. The only fuel you could use to go from NY to LA is gasoline and the one fuel not mentioned Propane.You can't go across the us on ethanol or any other of the mentioned fuels at least not as easy as gas or propane. I e-mailed Mike Allen the author and he sent me an e-mail back saying the DOE is not focused on Propane and there is really only enough for BBQ. He did very little research. If there is only enough Propane for BBQ why do we export 10 million barrels to Mexico and 5 million barrels to Canada a year. That is only two of the many countries whom we export Propane. He says there is not enough Propane.
Go to my blog and get some information about my thoughts and some research on Propane for motor-fuel
Thank You,
Scott Hunter Crawford

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Will Mayor Livingstone meet with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

Will LA's mayor be contacting London's mayor about how to create revenue, cleaner air, and less vehicle congestion in the Los Angeles metro area? If the MTA can't increase revenues (see 4th paragraph) maybe London's pay to drive system will becoming to Los Angeles. This could be the end of our ability to drive what we want and where we want. Now the car companies and government are telling us what we can choose to drive in California, a Gas, Gas-Hybrid, E85 (only 4 fuel stations in California). Why not Propane? It's here already (won,t take much to expand infrastructure) It's the least expensive to convert and build new vehicles, greenest alternative fuel to reduce green house gases ( see page 20 in Analysis) and its inexpensive, cheaper then E85.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

GM to Cap Gasoline Prices in California and Florida.

Again, the car companies are giving us no choice. We can only buy gas cars in California, not an alternative fuel car but a gas car. Why, because they know E85 wont work in California or Florida. Why? Because they don't have corn in California and Florida. You know what they have in California and Florida. Propane! Again, why is propane Californians best alternative fuel, look at page 20 of the Analysis by TIAX on how to best reduce GHG in California.

More Robin Hood Tactics.

You have to read until the third from the last paragraph of "Sen. Clinton Pitches Ethanol Energy Plan" to read this, "Clinton called for the creation of a $50 billion "Strategic Energy Fund" paid for by increased profits of the big oil companies. She had urged the creation of such a fund last fall when hurricane damage in the Gulf Coast sent the price of gas soaring."
Is America Nottingham. Go Hillary Hood Go! Steal from the rich Oil Companies and give to the Poor Farmers. She must have read the article I posted on earlier and thought, "hay that is a good idea take from one private company and give it to another private company or limited government agency. Can you say socialism.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Facts from Michigan

Read "Facts on Propane" from the Michigan Propane Gas Association concise and informative. Check out "Driving Range" and "Tank Size and Weight" very graphic. Why are we still sitting on our hands? Propane is the answer.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Call For A Sane Energy Policy?

This editorial "A Call For A Sane Energy Policy" My major problem with this editorial is it's whining at me, they need to do this, they need to do that, their not doing this, and by the way go to Apollo Alliance and get some information. While we are whining we will punish the fuel companies and give the money to the state and federal governments to come and fix the energy crisis.

This is the classic Robin Hood approach to fixing a problem. I love Robin Hood, very romantic and all that, but for policy making he sucks.

Companies do need to step up and do their part, but if they don't see a reason to step up, PROFIT, they wont step up with more research and development. This is what has happened to Propane, the car companies have stopped producing propane cars in America because there is no demand e.g. no supply. These same companies are making flex fuel Propane gasoline cars in Australia, Germany England, India... But in the US there are no propane cars in our future. Why? Because our Schizophrenic EPA and State ARB's are making it impossible to have a true Alternative Fuel Choice. Except for E85 the flavor of the week. The mid-west loves E85 it works for them. Here in California it will be a harder sale. According to the DOE as of August 2, 2005 there were three E85 fuel stations and 259 LPG fuel pumps in California.

Problem: We the people don't have a choice, we have what is being offered, even though it isn't the best choice. We need an alternative fuel for California and other states where E85 may not be the best choice.

Answer: Propane! Wait, there are no plans to build propane cars or let us convert our cars we already own to run propane.

Another problem: How do we change the automobile industry's, conversion technology companies, legislator's, bureaucrats minds.

Answer: A united voice for propane as a motorfuel.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Natural Gas Prices Slide to 15-Month Low

Will Propane Fallow Natural Gas. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas. Wait and see. Fuel for $1.50 a gallon.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Opportunities for Propane Engine Fuel: Tax Incentives

This is what will get Americans asking for propane vehicles and conversion kits. Cheap clean fuel and put propane at the front of the Alternative Fuel Choice where it belongs.
VEETC = 43.32 cent per gallon tax credit. This is Fed money coming to your state for buying gas. Win,win,win!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Eye Openers

A May 2002 article that sums up today's Propane market 4 years latter, but now we have E85 being shoved down our throats and Natural Gas still looking better than LPG, Why?

I think it's because we are not advertising the price of LPG on the street.
People can't see there is a choice.

We need to build more independent, cheaply run, high profit, LPG fueling stations that we can pop up in any parking lot, because competition only brings down prices. How many Old Fuel service stations are now Starbucks or It's a Grind.

In my neighborhood with in the last year 3 gas stations have been torn down and at two of the locations are coffee houses. no competition for the Vons Gas station That is not much if any lower than the other gas stations.

Compare: Propane to Ethanol, Natural Gas, Bio-Diesel, and Hydrogen.

Check out Hybrid Fuel Systems I don't like this converter, I believe it doesn't take into account the difference in efficiency of Gasoline to propane (90%) and Gasoline to Natural Gas (70% + or - 10%)

Also: California Incentives and Laws !

How much propane do we export to Mexico? 10,916,000 Barrels Annually. That's just Mexico 100's of thousands more to other countries.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is Interesting.

33 Percent of US Car Buyers Would Consider Alt-Fuel Vehicle Purchase.

Last night hurt.

I called a company in HB California who was on a list of shops that convert vehicles to propane. The owner said, "I can't convert your suburban to Propane the State won't let me". He said, " The only approved system is Maytag's and it's for bigger truck engines". I asked how about Natural gas. He said, "Yes but it will cost you $14,000."

What is going on in California to keep me from converting my cars to propane when studies show it is the best fuel for the price and environment. So I wrote the Governor.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,
I don't want to take up too much of your time but please answer me one question. Why can't I convert my car inexpensively, quickly, and safely to run Propane? CARB is in the way, move them please, and lets get technology in California that the rest of the world is using and changing their GHG levels. Please see my simple blog. My Blog is http://fuelgul.blogspot.com/please look at Fuleture.com and BAF technologies.com. As you read you will see a couple "its" that are links click on them and go to the second page. Look at how much revenue California can be bringing in from the feds in tax credits is that right 43.32 cents per gallon, yes per gallon. Again please read all my links look at the analysis by TIAX see propane best alt fuel. Please get back to me on this important issue for our state.

Today I found this:
Air Quality and Opportunities to Expand Alternative Transportation Fuels
I also found this from the EPA and I am no lawyer but it sounds to me like we can convert our cars. If not now, hopefully soon. Maybe soon enough to start writing a grant to do a Fuelture like program in California, I don't think we have enough time.

I may go by IMPCO Technologies today and find out what is going on.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Missing Fuel.

The missing fuel?

Yes, missing Fuel.
If you read the article in PM on
bio-fuels you may have caught the article was missing a Fuel.

I wrote to PM and was e-mailed by Mike Allen the reason the missing fuel was not mentioned was, "There's enough to power a lot of barbecue grills, but not nearly enough to replace gasoline. The DOE doesn't consider it in its future planning." I wrote back asking for evidence of this statement I am still waiting.

The DOE is not considering it in its future planning?

Then why a

Not just a little
grant but a grant up to 3.1 million dollars.

In this grant the missing fuel is found. You just need to look closely in
Area of Interest 1: Refueling Infrastructure for E85 and Other Alternative Fuels
Area of Interest 2: Incremental Cost of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

What is the Missing Fuel?

Propane also see (LPG)

Propane is the
answer to California's GHG problem and the world. Look what Fuelture is doing in GB

You may ask, "Can it be done in America?" I say, "yes!"
Look at
Clean Fuel USA's products and BAF Technologies products.

Hey help with
Grants. Nice!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why we need Alternative fuels.

In California we have a law that states we must lower our emissions of Green House Gasses (GHG). After this law was chaptered TIAX came out with an analysis that shows Propane as the best Alternative Fuel Choice for California drivers. Like most ideas (laws) that start in California become ideas and then laws throughout the nation.

Most people think of the Toyota Prius or the new E85 vehicles GM is pushing when we think of alternative fuel vehicles or hybrids. Maybe you heard about Bio-diesel , CNG, full electric cars , or even Hydrogen fuel cell cars. As reported in the May 2006 Popular Mechanics article "How far can you drive on a bushel of corn?" Crunching the numbers on alternative fuels. For most Americans it is all about Money!